Blarney Community To Take Action

With three deaths relating to sudden adult death in the village this year already, it became apparent that Blarney needed a publicly accessible defibrillator, and local volunteers trained in CPR. Local women Deborah Lynch, a committed critical care nurse at CUH and mother of three, and Kate Durrant got together earlier this year in a bid to address this anomaly. Following four months of fundraising, the purchase of two defibrillators, nine intensive training sessions which saw forty five local people certify as prehospital emergency care council recognised cardiac first responders. Blarney Community First Responders became ‘live’ on October 5th 2015.

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Blarney CFR would love to hear from You

Blarney area will now become a dedicated First Responder Community, with an on call radius extending 5km. Community First Responders (CFRs) are civilian responders who are trained to international standards in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation and oxygen therapy. They are part of a local CFR scheme, which is linked to the National Ambulance Service. When the emergency services are alerted to a case of cardiac arrest, chest pain, choking or stroke, a civilian responder from the local CFR scheme is automatically dispatched to the scene along with the ambulance services. The local CFRs can often attend the scene before an ambulance will arrive, and in cases where time is critical such as cardiac arrest, this can save lives.

  • About Blarney CFR
    About Blarney CFR

    The Community First Responders Unit aims to provide a 24-hour, 365-day service in a bid to safeguard lives in their community.

  • Donations

    Whilst all our time is given freely, training and equipment comes at a considerable cost and we are currently actively fund raising for equipment and ongoing training.

  • Training

    Further training will continue to take place and if you would like to sign up for a subsidized four hour training session in the next few months please register your interest by contacting us.

  • Members

    Member teams has been formed to organise the ongoing service and many thanks to the committed volunteers who will now provide 24 hour first responder cover.